Paracas Actividades

Paracas is the closest area to Lima where it’s possible to enjoy a sunny vacation any time throughout the year, it is the only coastal marine reserve in Peru with a variety of species of flora and fauna.

That’s why it is the perfect place to visit and unwind surrounded by our rich culture and ecological environment that cannot be found in any other region throughout the continent.

List of some activities:
Don’t forget to include some or all of these in your plans and to take full advantage of your time.

City Tour and National Reserve

Enjoy a stroll through the main areas of the Paracas National Reserve, as well as a tour of the new Museum of Paracas where you can see the beautiful Paracas mantles in their original state.

Boat Tour around the Ballestas Islands

The most requested tour of all is the visit to the Ballestas Islands, a beautiful nature reserve teeming with marine life which allows you to immerse yourself in a fascinating world for several hours.

A Day at the Beach

Enjoy a relaxing walk along the beautiful beaches of our coast such as La Mina, Yumanque, Atenas, Roja among others.

Artisans’ Market and Boulevard

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon walk along the boulevard of Paracas, having a coffee overlooking the bay, listening to typical music of the area. You can also go shopping for handicrafts to take home as souvenirs or decorations.

Dune-Buggy Rides

Paracas also has its share of adventure activities. You can rent 4×4 dune buggies and go on an adrenaline-packed excursion zipping across the desert.

The Pisco and Wine Route

It takes one hour to get from Paracas to Ica, where you can enjoy our national drink Pisco. Visitors can also tour the different wineries, sample the variety of drinks and get to know their history and current industrialization processes.

Adventure Sports :

Professional Sandboarding on the Dunes

Sandboarding is a sport that involves riding across or down dunes or sand hills on special boards that resemble snowboards. Anyone can learn or practice it and it is particularly exciting for young people. There are professional guides who offer their services.

Kitesurfing Lessons

Paracas is the perfect place for this activity because of its yearlong sunny climate and strong winds. Plus, the relatively calm ocean waters allow you to surf safely.